Manny Too-Much-Machismo

Thanks to Brian Barnhill for getting us some tickets, my Grandson Shawn’s first Orioles’ game was a memorable one.  Although the O’s lost 11-1, Shawn got to witness the game’s high lite (low lite?) when Manny Machado flung his bat at the A’s thirdbaseman and the benches quickly cleared. 

We were sitting in the right field bleacher seats when the incident occurred (video below.)  Of course it was ugly, but it did manage to turn a blasé blowout of a game into something that Shawn and, for that matter, all of us will remember for quite awhile.

From CBS Sports

Hopefully the next game Shawn attends, the O’s will win and no brawls break out.During the brawl, this tune was played over the PA system.

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