Let’s Not Be Frank

Just when you thought it couldn’t get no worse, comes this:

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Really sad when your icons do something that you disapprove of.  Kind of like finding out that there is no Santa Claus.   

Previously, I’ve mentioned my disdain for Frank (click here.)  However, believe it or not I’ve actually come around on him a bit thanks to tuning into XM’s Channel 71, the Siriusly Sinatra channel.  Some of his stuff I can even now listen to and not mind too much.

Think then that my problem with Frank was not so much musically as it was with his whole Jersey, tough guy persona.   Kitty Kelly would agree with me (click here) that Frank was just not a nice guy.  (My definition of a nice guy is someone who would feel right at home drinking a beer in Buzzy’s and Frank doesn’t make the cut.) 

That said though, he was fairly congenial in this clip (below) so perhaps I’ll elevate him from my “DB” file into the “He May Be Ok But I’m Not Sure”  file.  Who knows, with time he may even make it into my “Beer in Buzzy/Good as Shit” file.

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