Pt. Lookout Store

While examining the photo of the Pt. Lookout Prison Hospital/Camp I noticed a building dubbed E.L. Donnelly’s Store.

Photo’s Legend: #14  E.L. Donnelly’s Store

On the larger photo it is located just up from the wharf which would have made it ideally situated for receiving goods as well as being one of the first stops for passengers just off the boat.  Of course, given that the majority of passengers into the Camp were Confederate prisoners, they probably weren’t buying much at Donnelly’s.

While I wasn’t able to find out anything more about E.L. Donnelly and his store, it did remind me of something that Buzzy once told me.  He said that some of the old timers had informed him that our store had once been a building at the Pt. Lookout Prison Camp.  Following the end of the war, the building was supposedly rolled up on logs to its present location.   Mr. Clarence Bradburn wrote in his book about the Store’s first owner/operator Nathan Shuman, “Nathan built his store at Scotland, the building although with considerable additions, in which Buzzy Ridgell does business.”

I also found this Maryland Historical Trust description of the store along with a footnote attributed to Mr. Bradburn:

The roof line of the tall portion of Donnelly’s Store does have some resemblance to the center portion of Buzzy’s (below.)  Perhaps that section of Donnelly’s was moved and then as Mr. Bradburn notes added onto thru the years.  Will keep researching to see what I find. 

View of Buzzy’s from West Side
View from East

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