This Time Pt 2.

My previous post’s title “This Time” reminded me of a Bryan Adams song/video (below.)  Good tune and a nice little video even if the whole legs thing annoyed me some because it made me want to see the rest of his girlfriend.

But Bryan also reminded me of something else I used to do music-wise that goes into the “strange-but-I-get-it” file.  It had to do with how I arranged my music collection.  Before I tell you about that though, check out this great scene in the movie Diner where Shrevie (Daniel Stern) jacks up his wife Beth (Ellen Barkin) for not re-shelving his albums correctly.  Here it is:

Shrevie comes across perhaps a little too OCD-ish.  I was nowhere near as anal as he was but I could relate completely to how he regarded his music collection. 

Here is what I used to do.  I had my CD collection on shelves arranged alphabetically by artists’ first names.  Whenever I would purchase an artist’s third CD I would then separate them from the rest of the group by awarding them a coffee cup as a divider.  This took up a little more room on the shelf but allowed me to locate who I was looking for much quicker.

Bryan Adams came to mind because I recall being in Tower Records checking out one of his CD’s and debating with myself whether or not to purchase it.  The debate involved my already owning two of Bryan’s CD’s and this third purchase would mean that I would now have to award him a coffee cup on the shelf.  I wasn’t sure that Bryan belonged in the Coffee Cup Club on the shelf where he would have resided between Bruce and Chris Isaak.   Ultimately, I passed on that purchase and Bryan never did make it into my Coffee Cup Club.  

This Time was on Bryan’s Cuts Like a Knife CD which I do have.  Re: my music collection “system” I now have all of my CDs in two players.  Sometimes though, I miss my old shelves and coffee cup collection and trying to ascertain whether or not an artist should make it into my coffee cup club.  Maybe I am as anal as Shrevie was after all.

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