WC Fields and Me

Just occurred to me that my Gin Blossom focus the last couple days may not have been merely a coincidence of my having landed on their Hey Jealousy song the other day. Last Monday I had Mohs surgery to remove a cancerous basil cell from the side of my nose.  Ever since then I have been walking around with my nose patched up looking like Rudolf the F’d Up Reindeer.  

The definition of a gin blossom, if not referencing the band of that name, goes – when the capillaries in your nose and or face break due to overindulging in the alcoholic beverages (click here) .  The most famous gin blossom of all of course belonged to WC Fields.  Given the trend in naming illness after their “founder” e.g. Lou Gerhig’s Disease, Tommy John Surgery etc. it would seem that they would call a gin blossom a WC.

But when it comes to gin blossoms, think I got ol’ WC beat:

Gin Blossom Selfie

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