Nuts and Cars Don’t Mix

When I first saw Hurricane Joaquin blowing up the coastline last week I thought “Good, it will blow all the walnuts out of the tree before the Buzzy Car Show and I won’t have that to worry about.”  Well, we all know how that panned out. 

I then asked Capt. Jimmy Cullison to bring his bucket truck down to the Store and shake the walnuts out of the tree limbs hanging over the parking lot.  (This of course spawned several “Jimmy shaking J. Scott’s nuts” jokes.)   Kim Wiley managed to capture some of Jimmy’s whole lot of shaking going on in these videos:

 And speaking of nuts, see how long you can watch this.  I made it to about the 2 minute mark:
I’ll have more on this year’s car show in some later posts. My thanks to all who attended this year’s Buzzy Car Show and in particular, a special thanks to all who had their vehicles on display at Buzzy’s.

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