Taste/Vote for Bush

Poppa Bush has a book out where he discusses some negative influences on his son W and the reasoning behind some of the ill-advised decisions that W made.  Too bad that Poppa Bush wasn’t more vocal and forthcoming back when it mattered when his son and these numbskulls he now criticizes got us so messed up in Middle East matters that don’t really concern us. (Re: Syria’s current strife – just why would we EVER want to get involved in that crap fest?  Please don’t try and tell me that Neo-con bs that we have to preclude the Russians from gaining and exerting influence over that area. So what? Let ’em. The Russians obviously didn’t learn anything from their years of trying to gain control of Afghanistan so let them try and screw around in Syria and see where that gets them. Losing a plane may well be the least thing that they lose.)  We have spent $5 trillion on 2 wars in the Mid East and continue to spend upwards of $10m a day being there and for what? (click here.)

But I digress. Jeb Bush continues to hustle and show that he’s probably the best that this group of Republicans can offer up this time around.  As Al Gore can testify, Bush’s campaign slogan “Jeb can fix it” is a good one.  But because Bush is the most qualified and sensible of all of the candidates running that’s exactly why he won’t be the nominee. The Donald or one of the other second rate clowns will be get the nomination instead.  Poppa Bush probably sees that coming too.  

So that’s a round about way for me to relay this bush-related story that makes about as much sense, maybe even more than the Presidential race (click here) The video that has some folks all shook up is shown here:

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