Weekend Wedding License

One more wedding post here for you.  If you notice on Monday I covered a family wedding (my niece Katie and her husband Ian.)  Yesterday, I discussed an Indian pre-wedding celebration that I witnessed in Indianapolis.  Today, I’m bringing it on home to a Buzzy’s Country Store wedding albeit a fake one. 

A lady was in the Store awhile back and said that 15 years ago she and her then boyfriend, now husband, had stumbled into Buzzy’s on their way down to camp at Pt. Lookout State Park.  She said that there was a full up party going on and Buzzy and everyone there made them feel welcome.   “Somewhere along the line your father pulled out this fake marriage license, put on this hat and outfit and married us. I still have the certificate that he gave us.”

Photo’s of Pastor Buzzy in his wedding garb:

? With Eyes Closed (Maybe She Was Shy About Getting Married)

Couple of weekends back a group of folks from Meetup.com’s Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group were in the Store.  Since there were mostly women in the group, I joked with one of the two guys in the group that Buzzy’s had weekend marriage licenses if he needed one.

His friend Kat Johnson picked up on it although in the photo below Michael looks a little unsure about it.

P.S.  Buzzy and those fake marriages may have had a negative side effect as it spawned rumors of him being a KKK dude. Some nights when he was in his full wedding pastor regalia, black folks would make it to the door, see Buzzy dressed as he was and immediately haul ass.  I can see where they may have been concerned.

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