Rock n Roll Girls

I smile a little every time I hear the song Wild Weekend.  When Bobby Wright, Robby Hall, Joe Drury, Mike Nelson and I were in a band back in high school we used to play the hell out of Wild Weekend.  There weren’t too many songs back then that we nailed but, thanks mostly to Joe’s saxophone playing, we played a pretty decent version of Wild Weekend and accordingly, we played it alot.
Here is the original by the Rebels.

I was reminded of all this when reading John Fogerty’s Fortunate Son memoir where he talks about Wild Weekend as the inspiration for his Rock and Roll Girls:

Rock and Roll Girls is a song off of Fogerty’s Centerfield album on which he played all of the instruments by overdubbing all of the parts.  Also on that album is Old Man Down the Road the one that got him sued by his former record producer who owned the rights to Run Thru the Jungle and claimed that Fogerty plagiarized it.  The case was eventually decided by the Supreme Court (click here.) 

Another song off Centerfield that also sparked a lawsuit was Fogerty’s Zantz Kant Danz (but he’ll steal your money.)  Found this video and can’t understand why Zaentz thought it was about him. 

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