Introducing – Blaise Scott Ridgell

I interrupt my mural musings to introduce to you my Grandson Blaise Ridgell who made his appearance at approximately 5:00 this morning. 

Cute right?  His Mom Caitie is doing well and getting some well earned rest.  His dad Brady is staying there with them in St. Mary’s Hospital and the three of them are very content.  Life is good. 

The Carl Sandburg quote comes to mind:  “A baby is God’s opinion that life should go on.”

This Elton/Bernie song is set to a pretty nice video of and about childbirth.  The intro is a little overdone but the following song, photos and the remarks at the end of the video are all very good.  Enjoy.

And yes, Blaise will be buying his birthday round at Buzzy’s later today. Come by and have one on him. (On his Grandpa really but in Blaise’s honor nonetheless.)  May well be the first authentic BIRTHday round bought at Buzzy’s.

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