Country Store Conversations

As discussed in my previous post, the heart of a country store involves the people who visit, pull up a chair and begin to talk and laugh about life’s many ups and downs.  (The Store and its environment, such as a front porch to relax on, is a prime factor in this dynamic.  However, make no mistake that the serving of alcoholic beverages is also a key facilitator for this.)  No topic is off limits and no problem is so big that it can’t be solved in a country store. 

On the subject of talking in a country store, I found a copy of the following book that someone gave Buzzy years ago.  Buzzy was never a big reader of books.  Once he glanced thru this one I’m fairly certain that his take was something to the effect “I don’t need to read this.  I listen to this kind of stuff everyday.”

Author Hal Roth relates several stories and tales he overheard told in an old country store over on the Eastern Shore.  Here is how he introduces the book. 

Roth then proceeds to discuss subjects in several chapters ranging from Snakes to Moonshining to Hog Butchering and everything else imaginable.  As I read through his accounts, I noted that I have heard similar tales told in Buzzy’s.  To purchase Mr. Roth’s book (click here.)

Someday then I may have to write a similar book only weave Buzzy’s into the title – as in Things Said in Buzzy’s Country Store.  As Mr. Roth noted in his introduction however, I may have to change some names to protect folks from some of their stories, and confessions.

Many years ago, a very sweet, young lady left me a nice little note on my pillow quoting the following song about someday remembering the things we said today.  I doubt very seriously that today she still feels that way, but it sure was a nice sentiment to read at the time that she wrote it.  Nice songs and sentiments have a way of getting messed up such as Paul does midway thru this version of the tune (1:40 mark).

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