Gone to Pot

With the birth of my Grandson Blaise on 20 April, I neglected to do a post about National Pot Day which is also on 20 April. So, in true pot-makes-things-slow-down-fashion,  I’m only 3 weeks too late with a pot-related post.

State Delegate Deb Ray was in Buzzy’s Country Store the other day and we were discussing past and upcoming legislation.  I asked her about legalization of pot and she said she was against it.  I told her that I had heard on the news that the majority of Americans were now in favor of legalizing it.  She laughed and said “That’s because you listen to fake news.” 

Since I had heard this factoid on Fox News (below) I had to admit that perhaps she was correct.


I don’t usually watch Family Feud but this exchange wasn’t bad:

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