Mary Go Round – Everywhere But Here

OK, since I started down this Visions of Mary path, let’s continue with it today.   Fatima was probably the most famous of Mary’s many appearances.  However, through the years there have been numerous other reports of her appearing to folks.  Collectively these gigs are referred to as Marian Apparitions (click here.)   (I did a blogpost about one a few years back when she, or a resemblance of her, mysteriously appeared on a Marietta, Georgia church window (click here.)

However, of the many reported sightings of Mary throughout history, the Catholic Church has only officially recognized 12 of them as being authentic.  And in a blatant example of anti-Americanism, none of the approved ones are from the U.S. even one that Frank Sinatra and Cardinal Spellman patronized back in 1945 in the Bronx (click here.) 

There was a Mary sighting in Champion, Wisconsin, just north of Green Bay, that has made its way up the approval chain. Our Lady of Good Help was approved locally in 2010 but don’t look for Rome to approve it anytime soon. 

It made me wonder about the Conyers, Georgia sightings of Mary back in the early 90’s (click here.)  Remember all the hoopla over that?  Well, it sounds like that one is not getting any official recognition any time soon either and has even been downgraded some (click here.) 

I remember discussing this with my Cousin Father John at the time and he said there was an effort in the Church to try and demystify things.  Hence, they wanted to downplay the whole  apparition business and not encourage it.  (Maybe that also helps explain why they changed the name of the Holy Ghost to the Holy Spirit (click here.))

But back to Mary and her many visits here and there around the world.  Here’s my petition to her:

Dear Mary,
How about you visit a place that actually has your name in it?  In fact, the whole State that St. Mary’s County resides in has your name first and foremost.  (OK, so what if it was not you but the Queen of England, still you get my drift in that the least you could do is make a stop-and-go here sometime in the future.)  We don’t need you to do anything special for us, no miracles nor off the wall predications, but a little attention here would be nice of you.   

Looking forward to seeing you in Buzzy’s Country Store soon.

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