Pt. Lookout Lighthouse Open House

Tomorrow – 10 to 2.

Had some folks in Buzzy’s Country Store a couple weeks ago who were scheduled that Saturday night to do a Paranormal Visit in the Lighthouse from 9 p.m. til 2 a.m. They said that they would stop back by the Store on Sunday and let me know how they made out. The fact that they did not do so only has me a little worried.

Last month a couple was in the Store and told me that they had just visited the Lighthouse. After asking them if they had seen any ghosts, the bearded man told me “No, but I had fun waiting until I saw someone outside taking a photo of the Lighthouse and I would then peak out the window as they took their photos.”  

Thus, if you see any Pt. Lookout photos from 6 May 2017 titled Bearded Ghost in Window you will know the backstory (click here.)

Here too is an account I found on the Pt Lookout Lighthouse website:

Glasses and facial hair?  Wonder if one of the Yeatman boys was inside the Lighthouse tricking this individual.

Some nice photo’s for you in this video:

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