The Keepers

I’m going to walk down a dark road today and discuss Netflix’s 7 part series The Keepers.  So if you are looking for the usual Buzzyblog b.s. and tomfoolery you may want to skip today and come back tomorrow. 

A couple weeks ago, my buddy Steve Raley told me that he had seen The Keepers and that it was very powerful and riveting.  Steve went to and graduated from Towson State (69-73) so he was familiar with the Baltimore-based story from all of the coverage it received back then.

Last week then, per Steve’s suggestion, Pam and I caught a couple of episodes of the series before binge watching the final episodes on Saturday night.  (We used to go out on Saturday nights, but now it’s a movie at home.)

The Keepers is a documentary about the unsolved murder of a nun Sister Cathy.  The documentary builds the case that Sister was murdered because she was about to reveal the abuse by a priest at a girls’ high school.   Through the efforts of two ladies (The Keepers) acting as amateur detectives, the case and its subsequent cover up by authorities is discussed in numbing detail.  Watching the series, I found myself pissed and wanting to turn it off but like the car wreck syndrome, I couldn’t look away.  Overall, I found myself blown away by it on many levels. 

First off, the fact that it took place right here in Baltimore made it a compelling story.   The Baltimore accents, folks wearing O’s hats, scenes of row houses and other recognizable city sights all made it a little too close to home for comfort. 

But even more disturbing to me was the documentary’s review of how the Catholic Church did or did not handle the whole matter.  Without giving away too much of the story, I’ll just say that the Church doesn’t come off looking too good.  At the end of the series, you’re left shaking your head and wondering how all this could have happened. 

Too, at the end you’re wondering who did kill her.  The documentary does a good job of portraying several suspects including a former priest who was in love with Sister Cathy.   Here is the official Netflix trailer for the series:

Also, another facet of the story involves the role and use of social media in researching the case.  The two ladies pursuing the case have a Facebook page  (click here) that continues to receive inputs and clues on the case.  It will be interesting to see if the murder is ever solved.

OK, after such a heavy topic, how about an upbeat song for you to carpe that diem.

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