10 Years – Still Buzzy’s Country Store

On August 9, 2007 Buzzy and I visited the offices of Dugan and McKissick to sign all the paperwork whereby I bought the Store from him.  Afterwards, we celebrated by going to IHOP for breakfast.  My Mom met us and took this photo to officially commemorate the transfer.

And now 10 years later, I am completely amazed at just how fast that time has flown.  It seems like just yesterday that my Dad and I were at the IHOP posing for this photo.  

I am planning a low keyed i.e. NOT the Buzzy Car Show, get together for Sunday afternoon 6 August at the Store.  I will post more details later but ask that you make note of that date and plan to swing by to help me celebrate 10 fun years of owning and operating Buzzy’s Country Store.

Here are some clippings from the Enterprise pertaining to the liquor license transfer that was done back then:

I have played this one before, but it never gets old – even if it has the ominous line “It’s a dying breed the old country store.”

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