Doris Trey To Wake You Up

Joan Axtell told me about a country store/deli that she recently visited in Great Cacapon, West Virginia named Doris’s.  I noodled around a bit on that world wide web machine and found a couple of FB pages for Doris, one for the deli and one for the grocery store (click here.)  I couldn’t find any photo’s of Doris’s other than this snip from a Berkeley Springs video:

Doris’s FB deli page contained the following photo.  (Looks like some of my Buzzy Big Game Hunters would fit right in at Doris’s Deli.)

Doris’s Deli did not have an official webpage that I could locate.

However, while internetting around, I also landed on Doris Italian Market.  I had to smile because this is my Florida in-laws Sol and Stella’s go-to place whenever they need something.  They live in Sunrise, Florida and Doris is located just a block from them.   Whenever I am visiting there I like to walk up to Doris Market to roam around and check things out like their wine selections.  It’s a little like our Nick’s of Clinton and they currently they have 4 locations in the South Florida area.  And yes, there really was a Doris (click here.)

Now that I’ve laid two Doris’s on you, why not go for the trifecta and mention Doris Mary Ann Kappelhoff  better known as Doris Day.  Can you believe that she’s still around?  95 and still kicking (click here.)

I seemed to recall a Wham reference to Doris Day but it took me awhile to find it (1:14 mark of following video.)  Guilty Pleasure confession – that  Joan Jett line “I hate myself for loving you” comes to mind as in “I hate myself for liking this song as much as I do.” Da-dum-dum!

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