Just – Whatever!

The other day I mentioned the song Just.  Due to my leap frog mind, I then thought of Martha Stewart.  Here’s why.

Many years ago I was at a get together in Annapolis and overheard a guy talking about living next door to Martha Stewart.  (I think it was somewhere in Connecticut where they lived.) 

The guy talked about how he had been contacted recently by someone who was writing a tell-all biography on Martha.   The would-be author told the guy that the title of the book was going to be Just Desserts and asked if he would consent to be interviewed for the book.  The guy said “I declined because Martha throws nice parties and always invites me.  I don’t want to be thrown off her invite list.”

Every time I hear mention of Martha, I think of that encounter and that story.


Martha has a pretty good blog if you are interested (click here.)  For instance, her latest entry is on picking raspberries at her farm. 

Agree that Ana Gasteyer is among the Top 5 best SNL performers of all time?  Her Martha Topless video is here.  Her apology to Martha follows:

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