Two Sides

We live in polarizing times don’t we?  Seems that everybody’s got an opinion and that nobody can agree on anything.  As an example, check out the  following exchange from Massey’s You Know You’re From St. May’s FB page:

I agree with Gary.

Speaking of Bar Crawls (well sorta) tomorrow a group from Piney Point is visiting Buzzy’s around noon as part of a “To Buzzy’s and Back” road trip/bar crawl.  If you are out and about, drop in.  The following was sent to me from one of the organizers of the event:
Back to agree and disagree.  I saw Dave Mason perform at the Ram’s Head in Annapolis a few years ago.  Great show and yes, he did this tune which always reminds me of my ex-wife. We got married 44 years ago today so her memory has been haunting me some of late.   I tell folks that I was happily married the first time for 22 years but got divorced after 24 years.  Those last two years were hell mostly because of what Dave is talking about here:

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