Hello July

July is usually our hottest month of the year with average temps somewhere between 81 and 90 degrees (click here.) In addition to being hot, July also hosts the birthday of our country on the 4th.  

The extended Buzzy family also has some folks doing some birthday celebrating of their own.  

Robby Hall 3 July (and yes, it’s a big one for the big guy;) Michelle Ridgell also 3 July, Berta Pratt on the 6th, Sonny Forrest 7th, Timmy Marum 10 July, my Daughter-in-law Stephanie Ridgell on the 11th, Marcia Raley also on the 11th, Greg Cullison and Pam Birmingham the 14th, Karen White 17th, Chris Axtell 18th, my great niece Chesa Allen 18th, Herbie McKay 19th, Amelia (Madjeski) Ray the 22nd, Billyjo (BJ) Barnes-Miles 23rd, Steve Decker 26th,  my step-daughter Jennifer on the 27th and Ricky and Ronny Yeatman on the 28th.

And speaking of hot, check out this video featuring supermodel Rachel Hunter as Stacy’s Mom:

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