Twofer Tuesday – Susans (Actually 3 Susans)

My mentioning the 19 Crimes’ wine labels that talk to you made me think in general about other automated voice systems.  I’m thinking of things such as a cars’ GPS telling you where to turn, a subway car announcing where to exit,  or iPhone’s Siri telling everything you ever wanted to know and then some.  

Thus, I did some googling around on “inanimate talking objects” and landed on this video featuring Susan Bennett as … well see and listen for yourself.  (And yes, I am going to talk about Susan Dey in a minute.  The photo above was just to pull you in.)  

The Buckinghams’ Kind of a Drag was a Number 1 hit for them in February 1967.  They then followed that up with a string of 4 more hit songs produced by James Guerico in 67 including one titled Susan.  Because of the Buckinghams’ great success in 1967 they

 Although I always kinda liked Susan’s semi-weird transition from a bubble gummy song to an acid rock one right in the middle of it, I can see where it would turn some folks off.  (That it also reminded of a real life bi-polar Susan I once knew also made it worth listening to.)  I guess also, that because the video here features Susan Dey, that technically makes this a Threefer Tuesday.  Guess I need to be more specific when I ask that Genie in a Bottle to arrange a threesome for me. 

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