Covid Spike

 I received the following from the Maryland Beverage License Association yesterday:

Today Governor Hogan held a press conference, primarily to reinforce the need for adherence to current COVID restrictions and to announce that the State would be ramping up enforcement.   Maryland’s COVID statistics continue to escalate with the highest positivity rates since June and many hospitals at near capacity.  The Governor reviewed the various rollbacks in capacity he announced on November 17th  such as 50% for indoor businesses such as restaurants and retail stores and the closure of bars and other establishments at 10 pm.  While the Governor stated  that Maryland continues to do better than other States with an exponential increase in testing capacity, he also asserted that the new restrictions will only be effective in controlling the spread of COVID if people adhere to social distancing and wear their masks.  He said there is strong evidence that COVID fatigue is leading to lack personal adherence to precautions and lack of enforcement of restrictions on business operations and capacity limitations.   

Consequently, Governor Larry Hogan announced the launch of a wide-scale compliance, education, and enforcement operation with the objective to slow the spread of the virus and keep Maryland safely open for business.,,,,,,

Starting Wednesday, the Maryland State Police will launch a joint operation with local law enforcement to deploy High Visibility Compliance Units across the State throughout the holidays.  In addition, the Maryland State Police will be operating a new 24/7 phone line to support Local Compliance Teams and will be expanding its current COVID-19 Prevention Hotline that is in place to enable the public to report unsafe behavior or activities that violate   current orders.  MEMA will be sending a Statewide Wireless Emergency Alert on Wednesday evening to remind the public of the need to maintain social distance and wear masks and the Maryland Department of Health will be launching a new Unified Statewide Public Health Campaign. 

Best wishes for a happy, healthy Thanksgiving holiday!

Accordingly, I am asking (again) that all of my Buzzy’s Country Store friends who come into the Store be in compliance with the Covid protocols:  Masks on when not seated and social distancing when up and about.  If the Covid spike continues as it is, Hogan’s next move will probably be to close all bars and restaurants.   I don’t want Buzzy’s being one of the places that causes that to happen.   With vaccines now in the pipeline, relief isn’t too far away.

And this one that I know several of my 2A bubbas should be able to relate to:

Most under rated rock group?  My vote is for Steely Dan who were inducted into the Rock and Roll HoF in 2001 but still never seemed to get the notoriety nor fame that they deserved.  Many rock critics thought their music was too slick or too soulless (click here;) but I always liked them because, I guess, I appreciate all things that are slick and soulless.   

Check out their tribute to Charlie Parker here.  Don’t know what’s better the guitar intro or the sax break.

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