Parents and Friends

Photographer – Kim Wiley

I always like it when parents and their adult kids visit Buzzy’s.  (Parents with little kids I like seeing too, but not as much.)   The above photo shows my Mom with a couple of her adult kids – my sister Donna Jean and yours truly who does act like an adult on occasions.

I enjoy seeing the oldsters (parents) interact as friends with their progeny (kids.)  They come into the Store, buy each other drinks, they b.s. and trade stories, they laugh and joke with other folks in Buzzy’s and in general they just relax as they enjoy each others’ company.   Mother/daughters, fathers/sons. mothers/sons, fathers/daughters,  I had just about all of those combinations in Buzzy’s Country Store this past weekend

I guess one of reasons I enjoy seeing this dynamic play out so much is that it always reminds me how Buzzy and I became such good friends thru the years.  I recall a quote that posited you never really know someone until you travel with them.   Well, that certainly proved to be true for me when I first started travelling with Buzzy in the 90’s.   We were always friends up until then and had developed a pretty good adult relationship, but once we started travelling so much like we did, it made and brought us even closer. 

Moving forward then, whenever I see parents and their big kids hanging out in the Store together it makes me more appreciative that my relationship with my kids has evolved to where it is now.  

Me and Ryan in Buzzy’s Behind the Counter

There is that famous Mark Twain quote (click hereabout how he was amazed at how much his old man had learned.   I too hope my kids can see and appreciate how much I have learned over the years.  (For  an overall good article and discussion on the topic of parent/adult relationships (click here.)

So next time you are out and about with your folks (or your kids as the case may be) bring ’em down to Buzzy’s and I’ll take your picture for my new photo collection I am starting titled Parents and Kids in Buzzy’s.

Great cover here of a Dylan classic.  I particularly like the paraphrasing of the lyrics at the end (4:09 on mark.)  Bob’s original lyrics went 

Note how Matt amends and even adds his own lyrics “You don’t have need to be a Rockafeller to help a fella – I said that.”  (Ok, at least I thought it was kinda funny!)

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