Sunday Musings

I recently found this note from my Mom that she wrote me in September 2007 shortly after I had just taken over Buzzy’s Country Store.  (Don’t bother trying to decipher it as I’ve done it for you below.)

In her first paragraph she talks about things having to do with the tenants in the apartments above and behind the store.  I won’t bother transcribing what she said there but the bottom line involved her suggesting I clean house figuratively and literally.

Her second paragraph went as follows:

New store hours will be adhered to.  No reason to open Sundays for football games etc. (If Bussy objects, tell him he can come to dinner, etc. here if he wants.)

But it was her last sentence that resonated the most with me:

Whatever annoys you most – make a rule about it and stick to it.

I thought of that advice from her just recently when I did what she suggested and posted this sign banning talk of politics in Buzzy’s (click here.) 

Granted, this past week, what with all of the election churn, it’s been a bit tough to enforce this rule.  However, as the week has spun out, my Trumpsteristas have grown uncommonly quiet.  Funny isn’t it, how there are times and circumstances where some rules just don’t need enforcement.

It being Sunday though, I wanted to comment on also having included Religion Talk as being a no-no in Buzzy’s.  Frankly, I debated whether or not to include religion in the ban because in general I don’t really have a problem hearing and talking about religion.  

I guess that that is because having grown up Catholic, I am very accustomed to hearing and enduring the various putdowns and criticisms of that faith.  Now, having married a lady who just happens to be Jewish, I have become more attuned to anti-Semitic comments which previously I never gave much thought to.    As for Muslims and/or their Sharia Law, I’ve no clue what is or isn’t offensive when talking about them.  (Furthermore, I’ve no clue  and what they do or don’t believe in.)

Ultimately, then when I thought about religion talk in Buzzy’s, I opted for the “if-you-can’t-say-something-nice….” approach to things and elected to put the kibosh on it too.  As the sign says “No Politics or Religion at the Bar.” 

Music-wise my Mom and I didn’t synch up much.  She had a lot of Frank/Mel Torme/Andy Williams type CD’s along with numerous Broadway show CD’s in her collection.  

That said, however, I did manage to find a Streisand CD that I picked up on.  (I’ve previously discussed how Babs is one of my many musical guilty pleasures (click here.))  I chose this medley from her because it touches on some of the things that I’ve cited above such as “No religion too.”

Nice day ahead of us; may have a car or two at the Store. Swing by.

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