Death of Salesman?

Just last week one of the sales reps from a liquor distributor called and asked if I would mind signing up and testing out their new web-based ordering system.  He informed me that he would send me the app and walk me thru the process so I could begin using their new ordering system.  

Since I had planned on placing an order with that distributor anyway I agreed to participate in the new program.  I downloaded the app, set up an online account and placed an order.

The sales rep then called to tell me that my order had been placed and that  my products would be delivered Friday.  He thanked me and in turn I asked him if this was a move to replace/get rid of him.  He informed me that it was just the opposite in that the move was made to free him up so that he could be spending more time with their larger accounts.  He told me “You were picked because the company targeted our 10% smallest accounts and is pushing them to order on line.”  In other words, I was the one being gotten rid of so that my sales rep could go spend more of his time schmoozing the bigger accounts. And here I was feeling sorry for the guy.  

That said, it did mark the second time in recent months that one of the beer and liquor distributors has replaced their sales rep in favor of an online ordering system.  (If you google “replace sales reps” you’ll find all sorts of articles on the subject such as this example (click here.))

Recognizing that this is the future way of doing business, I’m ok with it because sometimes it’s the sales reps who waste my time trying to sell me something I don’t need nor want.  Overall, I prefer to use their online systems. 

Music-wise I found this list of the Top 10 Motivational Songs for Sales and Marketing  (click here.)  Number 1 on the list was a tune from Kayne West that I didn’t care for.  (Don’t care for him nor the song.  However, I will give Kayne some credit here – at least HE knew when it was time to concede.)  Clocking in at #8 on the list was this pretty good tune and video from Aloe Blaac:

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