Twofer Tuesday – Then and Now

Going through some old photos I found this one of Brady and Shea shooting pool with Buzzy seated in the background.  Note my Beatles and Stones decor on the walls.  I sure was cool rockin’ daddy back then wasn’t I? 

Now compare that to how it looks today.  Pool table is still there but my rock n roll memorabilia has given way to family photos and a huge mirror.   I really am now such an old fart.  (Remember how you used to feel when you walked into your grandparents’ living room?  Yep, I’ve become one of them.)
P.S.  That picture of my folks with the green matting (to the right center of photo) is my favorite one of them together.  I’ve enlarged it here to show you:

And since I quoted him above when I described my younger self, here is the Boss in his own words.  Even though it’s probably the most unpatriotic patriotic song ever recorded, it’s been running thru my mind a lot these past couple of days.  Must have had something to do with all this nice weather we’ve been having.

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