It Comes in Threes

Three items on my mind today as follows.

1.  I received the following last night from the Maryland State License Beverage Association: 

“At 5 pm tonight Governor Hogan held a press conference to discuss the increasing number of COVID cases in the State and to respond to that development.  As it pertains to bars and restaurants, the main change being implemented  is that bar and restaurant capacity is now reduced to 50% of maximum capacity (as defined by the Fire code) from the current 75%.  This takes effect at 5 pm on Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2020.  He emphasized that local enforcement of this lower capacity limit, as well as the rule that customers must be seated to be served and not standing at bars, will be strongly enforced by liquor boards and other local officials.   Violators face fines and the possible loss of their alcoholic beverage license….”

Accordingly, I am asking/requesting that anyone entering, standing and or moving around in Buzzy’s Country Store wear their mask.  No exceptions. 

2.  Today being Veterans Day, check out this excellent editorial from the Washington Post (click here.)  Excerpt follows:

 Later today when you visit Buzzy’s Country Store and you are a Veteran wearing a face mask, your first drink is on Buzzy.

3.  And speaking of tribalism and the current malarkey over our election results, I only have 3 words to say – 5 million votes!  Even a Ridge boy can do that math.

Kentucky Headhunters have been around awhile but have never really gotten the attention that they deserve. Check out this tune of theirs and note the country store connection which I will be talking about more in a later post.

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