Young and Shirley General Store

So I check out that Rock n Roll Angel tune (previous post) by the Kentucky Headhunters and of course the country store setting (above) piques my interest.  It sent me on the following discovery of the Young and Shirley General Store.  

I found the above photo on a FB site Barrens of the Land (click here to read caption.) The photo’s caption gives the history of the Store and concludes by noting that “It’s no longer a store but the well preserved building still stands and is owned by Richard and Cindy Jones.  Richard is a grandson of Oren and Effie Young and a great grandson of James H. and Hattie Shirley.  It should be noted that Richard is also a member of the well known Kentucky Headhunters.” 

I also found this interview with Richard Young and even though he doesn’t discuss his Grandparents’ Store it is still a great read (click here.)  

While the Store is no longer open for business, Richard’s wife Cindy puts together window displays such as the following  (click here.)

Music-wise, the Headhunters also used the store as a backdrop for their first hit (below) which was a remake of the Bill Monroe classic.  (I have previously mentioned their second and biggest hit Dumas Walker (click here.)

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