Sunday Tweets

I picked this little book up sometime ago thinking I might start Tweeting.  However, like a lot of my other good intentions taxiing around on the runway of life awaiting take off,  the whole tweet thing is just not that pressing to me.

However, I do like to check out this tweet book for various quotes on various subjects.  For example, under the topic Politics here is one from James Thurber that I won’t even  bother trying to tell you why I think it’s pretty accurate:

You can fool too many of the people too much of the time.

But even better than that one, leave it to George Carlin to really sum things up as he discussed Problems:

We’re all fucked.  It helps to remember that.

But today being Sunday, allow me to include the book’s entire section on the topics Religion and Spirituality (with apologies for my sloppy cut and paste efforts.):

Regarding the Arthur C. Clarke quote, I have amended that to read “God is a woman and she has a sense of humor.”  Speaking of which, be forewarned that you’ll need a sense of humor to appreciate the following video:

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