Throwback Monday

Several photos here of what looks to be a birthday party for my Mom in Buzzy’s Country Store.  (The August 21 date on the calendar confirms it.)  This is probably the one and only time that Mom ever joined in with “your Father’s carrying on’s out in the Store.”  Looks to me like she was having a good time however.  

Evelyn and Ralph Woodburn, Lorraine and Tom Teefey                        Lois Bradburn (l) Other lady ?

Lorraine, ?, Mom and Brother Steve                           Mom Blowing Out Her Cake Candle(s)

And where was Buzzy during all this merry making? Where else would you expect him to be!?

Note the Pickle Jar

Here’s the Number 2 song on this week’s Country Music charts. Nice little video with an ending that may just be where the boy gets the girl after all. Not sure though; see what you think about that final shot.


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