Tom Waring – One of Our Founding Fathers

I only learned yesterday of Tom Waring’s passing at the age of 98 from vibrio infection.  While I had not heard of Mr. Waring’s November 7th passing, I am very saddened to hear about it.  He was one of the last of what I refer to as the original builders and shapers of our County, our Founding Fathers so to speak.   

 It was due to the efforts of people like him that helped make our County the vibrant and successful community that it is today.   To get some idea of his accomplishments and to appreciate what can truly be referred to as “a life well lived” check out Mr. Waring’s obituary (click here.)

(Note:  Back in 2010 Bob Schaller, then head of the County’s Department of Economic and Community Development, hosted a Founding Leaders breakfast that featured many “Founding Fathers” such as Mr. Waring (click here for related Enterprise stories.)  I too mentioned it in a blog post from back then (click here.)   

And speaking of original Founding Fathers, check out this video below on how our Nation’s Founding Fathers all appeared on the scene at a moment in time to jump start us like they did.  Someday I may attempt to do a comparison of how the Navy’s arrival here in the County in the 40’s was similar to how our Nation was originally started by another group of such dynamic leaders.  (Think about it – Jack  Daugherty as our George Washington!)

OK maybe that’s a bit of a stretch, but it does make one wonder though, whatever happened to all those truly smart and foresighted people like that?  Given what we have today, where did they all go?  

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