Where Did That Come From?

My friend John Carbone recently told me how after his twin brother Victor’s passing he went to use his phone and noticed that he had a recent  “Misssed Call.”  The call was logged in 1:10 in the morning just a few minutes after Victor had passed.  John noted that his phone was not on “Mute” and that it had been turned on the whole time he was there with Vic.  He also noted that the person calling him was listed as “Unknown” and did not leave any voice mail.

Just this morning when I went to check my phone for any texts or calls that I may have missed during the night, I found this iPhone generated “Celebrate Good Times” video all cued up and waiting for me.  It is a compilation of several photos that I took at Katie’s and Ian’s wedding in June 2016.  As you can see here, Mom did one of the readings and appears in several other photos. 


With Mom’s passing and her funeral service just a few days ago, the video makes me shed a tear or two.  It also makes me wonder, just how did those iPhone bubbas come up with this particular video at this particular time?

As we processed out of the Church the other day following Mom’s service, Ian played this tune that Donna and Ryan had selected:

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