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Daily around noon, St. Mary’s County Health Department provides a summary on their website of Covid cases here in the County.  I check it to see how the areas I travel thru are doing in comparison to the rest of the County.  For the longest time the news was pretty good as most of my stomping grounds were Covid-free.  

Well, things have changed and definitely not for the better.  In the last couple of weeks, confirmed cases have surged everywhere in the County to include my areas in the First and Second Districts.  (Check out the first Health Department chart by placing your cursor over the trend line and you’ll see that confirmed cases have doubled since 11 November (click here.))

Subsequent charts breakdown the number of Confirmed Covid Cases in the County by Zipcode.  The following is yesterday’s 29 December’s summary.  (I have listed and highlited the ones I am interested in, but if you’d like to verify some of the  other Zipcode locations that I was too lazy to enter, I included the Zipcode chart below for your reference purposes.  (Always thinking of my readers here on the Buzzyblog you know!)   

Saint Marys County, MD – Maryland ZIP Codes (

You’ll note that most of the Zips I am interested in tend to be on the lower end of the chart.   The bad news is that it was only in the last month that these numbers for these areas grew like they did.  Previously, Ridge and Scotland were not even on the list.  (Note this does not mean that there were zero cases in those areas because the number of cases are only listed once a Zipcode has 8 positives.)  

I have tried to keep track of the 20 or so of my Buzzy friends who have tested positive recently.  The  majority of them are in the Ridge (7 cases) and Scotland (5) Zipcodes.  (The others are scattered in Dameron, St. Inigoes. Lexington Park and Leonardtown Zipcodes.)   For the most part, my friends say that they are doing ok and are either asymptomatic or only experiencing some mild symptoms.  Two or three reported that they had had some symptoms and needed to lay up and rest a day or two, but nothing serious enough to send them to the hospital.  That’s the good news I guess.  I sure hope it continues to stay that way.

The other good news item that folks have told me is that our Health Department personnel have done a good job contacting and following up with them.  For instance, Pam and I got tested last week along with a couple of my Buzzy friends who were notified the following day that they were positive.  Pam and I did not get our notification that we tested negative until Sunday.  I had another couple tell me that they were tested on Christmas Eve and a Health Department rep called them on Christmas Day to inform them that they tested positive.  So give our Health department personnel credit for being on top of things like they are.  (Now if we can just get them to start doling out these vaccines as efficiently that would be a good thing too.  For a related story (click here.))  

Music-wise, when it involved a prescription for something that ails you, our man Marvin had a pretty good idea and suggestion.  I’m not sure how effective it would be staving off the Covid virus but hey, it’s worth a try right?

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