Tested Three Times

As Pam and I prepare to go get Covid tested I think back to my first test on a Wednesday 14 October when I took Mom to get tested.  I had taken her to see a heart Doctor but because Mom had checked a couple blocks on her intake form that she had been coughing and vomiting, he wouldn’t see her.  His  head nurse informed us that Mom could not be seen because of their concerns about Covid and urged us to get her tested prior to returning for an exam/visit.

Since Mom had an appointment scheduled with her GP for the following Tuesday, I took her to the Great Mills testing site where I also got tested.  Two days later we were informed that we both had tested negative for the virus.  

That following Sunday the 18th however, Mom was taken to the hospital where she was diagnosed as having congestive heart failure.   After a long week in the hospital, she was released to Hospice care and allowed to go back home on Sunday the 25th.  She passed away the following Sunday on November 1st.

The second time I got tested was a couple days following Mom’s funeral.  Again I went to Great Mills and again I came out negative.  

Thus, tomorrow I will go for my third Covid test and hope that the old saying “Three Strikes and You’re Out” is not at play here.

Need an upbeat Christmas tune for today.  How about Elton’s:

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