Blues Balls and Motorcycles

For obvious reasons. the Jeopardy cartoon I posted yesterday reminded me of something that I have been meaning to mention here on the Buzzyblog – the annual Blue Balls Ride to Buzzy’s on the 31st of December and the 1st of January.

Since Buzzy’s was closed on those days this and last year, I’m not sure how many folks made a pass thru the parking lot in recognition of the tradition.  However, I do know for a fact that Pam and Pat Birmingham made it on 1 January as seen here in these photos Pat sent me.

As for Pam joining Pat on a Blue Balls ride, it looks like The St. Mary’s Abate Bike group in Hollywood figured how to include their female members by calling their event the Blue Balls and Boobs ride (click here.)  As you can see, they hold their annual event a little later in the month of January.

P.S. if you got some time to kill Google “Blue Balls” and to quote Dr. Seuss – oh the places you’ll go

As Neil notes here at the beginning, this is not a sad song but rather a simple song to make you feel good when you’re alone.  Think about it and see if he isn’t correct.

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