As We Wind on Down the Road

Like Tom might say – I was talking with a friend of mine about how fast 2020 seemed to go by despite it being such a screwy year.  (OK, Tom didn’t say all that, but you get my drift.)  My friend agreed with me and commented how surprising it was  because 2020 flew by even though none of us went anywhere nor did anything.  I thought of this quote:

Isn’t that the truth?!  As proof, today being the 8th of January means that 2021 is already 1/52nd over.  (Alternative facts be damned, I think there are still 52 weeks in a year.) 

But hey, we got to ramble on.  What are our options when you think about it?  

Events-wise, there is not much going on in the County this weekend except for some music for you tomorrow at the Port of Leonardtown Winery. 

I found this excellent video of Josh doing a Zepp medley and yes Ramble On is his lead off tune.  Stay with him to the 6:00 mark where he does an equally excellent cover of Stairway to Heaven.  It makes me wonder though, just why would all the stores be closed when she got there?  Like Buzzy’s, maybe they all got hit with a Covid outbreak and had to shut down!

One quick observation about Wednesday’s Trumpalooza in D.C. – just how on earth did Edelen Morgan manage to come back from the dead and attend this clusterfuck?


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