By the Numbers

The first of every year I start out vowing to sort thru and organize my photos.  Mind you this is no small task as I have thousands of my own photos to truck thru along with Buzzy’s hodgepodge of pics that he took and shoe boxed thru the years.  Add on top of that, I now have a slew of photos that Mom had amassed throughout her lifetime and it all adds up to a huge undertaking.

Well, all that road-to-hell-being paved business notwithstanding, this year I have actually made some progress thanks to being home while Buzzy’s Country Store has been closed.  (Gonna re-open 9 February.  And yes, I know that “re-open” is a redundant term in that you’re either open or you’re not, but you know what I mean – Buzzy’s will be back dealing on the 9th!)

Thus, I’ve got some photos to pass along to you below along with a little mystery for you to solve as you look them over – there is a riddle within and between each photo for you to figure out – literally!  Let’s just say that it as easy as 1, 2, 3.

First up is this ONE of Buzzy posing in front of a cop car:

Buzzy in Tennessee (Think He Was Visiting Aileen’s Nephew Who Was a Cop There)

? and Jonsey

Three Ridgell Men – Shea, Buzzy and Brady

My Four – Ryan, Brady, Shea and Reagan in Ocean City Discussing Sleeping Arrangements

 Dickie, Me, Donna Jean, Stevie and Bart

Brian, Buck, Scooter, Me, Rick and Paul Celebrating New Year’s Day (I Think)

Ok?  Did you “figure” it out?  I’m counting on you to do so but if you still can’t get there,  here is another clue for you all (the walrus was Paul!  Just kidding about that but it does lead into this little ditty.  One of those I hate it but like it songs.)

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