Fogged In at Buzzy's

My friend told me that he never disinfects his house. But I can’t trust him because he Lysols the time.

Solution Used to Spray Down Store

I had Buzzy’s Country Store professionally sprayed and disinfected the other day.  (Note – anytime someone tells you that they had something done “professionally” what they are really saying is that it cost them more money than they wanted to spend to have it done.  Makes me think that “Professionally” should really just be written “Profe$$ionally.”)  

However, it is done and I’m glad that it is.   While it was not mandated that I have this done, I thought it worthwhile to do so.  For what it cost, I debated maybe just buying my own spraying machine to have on hand in case I ever needed to spray again.  However, the Buzzy in me landed on the “Hope-I-never-have-to-do this-again-option” and opted for Door #1 – the less expensive way out.    Here is a short video I took as areas in the Store began getting sprayed down.  

As seen here, I even had the front porch areas sprayed.

And since I began this foggy Buzzy breakdown with an awful pun,  I’ll end with an even worse one:  when I asked the dude how his spray machine actually worked he replied “I don’t know.  It’s kind of  mystifying.”  
Speaking of things misty, here is my nomination for best Stoner Song of all time: (click here  and here for some classic and recent Best Stoner Song listings.)  Like Ronnie would say “Turn it up.”

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