Baby Got Something

Sunday spiritual time but today it won’t exactly be what you’d expect as I’m about to take you down a crazy cul de sac where rap and gospel music intertwine.  I got to forewarn you it’s a little weird.  Funny but weird.  To fully appreciate it, you should first watch/listen to Sir Mix-a-Lot’s original version of his Baby Got Back from 1992 (click here.)  Note that his original video was briefly banned by MTV for well, obvious reasons (click here.)

OK now that you’ve done your homework, check out this version of the tune from a dude named Dan Smith.  On his WhiteboyDJ website  (click here)  Dan advertises himself as a rapper, storyteller-preacher and comedy writer.  

I’ve watched the video a couple times now and believe it or not the boy has something to say in a funny Christian kinda way.  (Hey, that rhymes, maybe I should take up rappin’ with my first release something along the lines Buzzy Got Bud!)

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