Ravens – Raiders 2001 AFC Championship Game

On this day in sports history 2001 the Ravens and Raiders met for the AFC Championship game out in Oakland.  This is the game where Raiders’ fans (talking bout you here Winkie) will still get upset because “If that fat f”er Siragusa hadn’t landed on Rich Gannon like he did, the Raiders would have won that game.”  It’s one of those if-then bar room discussions that can never be resolved.  (I recall a particularly good comeback to one of these if-then comments “Yeah, well if my aunt had a penis, she’d be my uncle.)   

Bottom line – I don’t think Gannon nor any other QB would have done much against that Ravens’ defense that year as it is still regarded as one of the all time best defenses in NFL history (click here.)  The 2000 Ravens, with head coach Brian Billick were also led by some great assistant coaches such as Marvin Lewis, Jack Del Rio and Rex Ryan all of whom went on to become head coaches.  (Del Rio is currently the WFT’s defensive coach.)   

I found this 19 minute recap of the game (click here) and it’s worth watching if for no other reason than to see how that Ravens defense dominated the game.  As for penalties not being called,  Siragusa’s hit (6:00 minutes mark) was so bad that, as pointed out by Phil Simms, it should have been called illegal.  So ok Winkie, at least you got Phil in your corner.

Music-wise I did this a little backwards today.  Usually I write what I want to comment on and then go look for a musical video to include with it.  However, today, I landed on the following from This Day in Rock History and then went to the NFL video.  Try as I may, I could not find Run-D.M.C,’s video of that 2001 half time performance.  It makes me wonder if maybe Sirigusa had something to do with that too!

Couldn’t find Run’s halftime AFC Championship gig, so check out that year’s Super Bowl halftime show:

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