So Far – Not Too Cold

Stupid weather joke introduction: what is the opposite of a cold front?  A warm back!

January is supposed to be our coldest month of the year but it looks like, at least for the first half of it this month, we are doing ok.  Makes for some good February electric bills.  And it appears that the trend may continue as temperatures for the next week or so are forecasted to continue at or above average.  

Compare the above to this summary of yesterday’s historical averages.

I know that I have CRS, but I sure don’t recall last year when the temperature clocked in at 70 degrees.  My first thought was “Gee if that were so, I probably would have commented on it on the blog here.”  

Well, guess what?  Sure enough, after I did a quick check of the Buzzyblog archives for January 2020 I found that on this very day last year I did churn out a similar post talking about  how nice the weather was because we had experienced a couple of back-to-back 70 degree days (click here.)   Who says I’m not a creature of habit?!  

But then somewhere in my mostly bankrupt memory bank, I seemed to recall Brian Barnhill’s iconic Buzzy’s snow day photo:

The thought crossed my mind “I think that was also in January of some year.”  And it turns out I was correctamundo because that happened in January 2017 (for story on that photo and the snowy day circumstances that led to Brian taking it (click here.)

Bottom line, any day in January with no freezing temps nor snow is a good one.  

And since I am talking so much about the “temps” how about I play some for you.  This song centers on an about-to-be-ex who is having trouble accepting it.  Uh, sound familiar?  The line “A crying man is half a man with no sense of pride” says it all.

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