Wife and I Decided We Didn’t Want Kids. The Kids Are Taking It Hard.

With Buzzy’s Country Store being closed I haven’t heard any good barroom jokes lately.    (But while on the subject of bar room jokes – What’s the difference between a tavern and an elephant fart? One is a bar room and the other goes BAROOM!)  

OK, maybe it’s just as well that I am not relaying any bar room jokes.  How about instead we switch to look at what I call jokes that end with a twist or those kinda jokes where you go “Gee, didn’t see that coming.”   Here are a couple examples that I recently stumbled upon in my internet travels.  

First up is one I was saving for April but couldn’t wait that long to pass along:

Note:  I was gonna say “Save for April 20th,” but didn’t want to spoil the punchline for you. 

And of course since pot does lead to eating, here’s a food-related twist joke for you:

I can’t believe people don’t eat the crust, it’s the best part, even if it doesn’t taste the same as the rest of the watermelon.

Drugs and food, guess we gotta have some sex too right?

Snow White was lying naked on a boulder when a dwarf saw her and said “I’m tempted to come up there and do something bad to you.”  Snow White said very seductively  “Okay, that’s what I am waiting for.”  Upon hearing that, the dwarf did not hesitate any longer.  He went to Snow White and broke her leg.”  
Ok, sorry for that one, but this next one will be better – promise.

And of course that naturally leads to this Nine Days’ song:

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