Brand New Jersey

In case you were so overwhelmed with concern about and interest in Tiger rolling his vehicle yesterday, you may have missed this really big news as follows:

New Jersey legalizes marijuana, 1st state in Northeast and 13th in US (

Nit picky note here – I believe that this headline is incorrect in that Jersey is now the 14th state to legalize pot (click here.)   Leads me to conclude that maybe the headline writer was stoned when he composed that.

New Jersey thus becomes the first mid-Atlantic state to legalize recreational pot and only the 4th East Coast state to do so.  (Maine, Vermont and Massachusetts are the other 3.)  

That pot is still on the books as a Federal offense makes for another one of those States vs. Federal jurisdictional issues that makes little to no sense.  Supposedly Congress is looking into fixing that; but don’t wait to exhale on it happening anytime soon.  (Maryland also has a bill in the works that would legalize pot (click here.))

As I have mentioned before (click here) when/if Maryland does legalize recreational pot I may have to consider developing some Buzzy-themed items to sell in the store a la Good Buzz, Mild Buzz etc..  His decal “I Got Buzzed at Buzzy’s” will take on a whole new meaning.  

With Jersey legalizing pot, I wonder if anyone has thought to trademark “Bong Jovi” as a name for their pot product.

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