Buzzy Re-opening Tomorrow

Things are sorta getting back to the way they used to be right?  For example, we are now talking sports and not politics, Tom Brady is back in the Super Bowl after not making it last year, and Buzzy’s will be open tomorrow from noon to 5:00.  Welcome to the new normal or whatever it is that we are now and will be  experiencing during this time of transition.

Speaking of Brady not making it last year, can you name who the Chiefs played and beat in last years’ Super Bowl?   Neither could I.  If on the other hand you knew that it was the 49ers, then go to the head of the vaccine line.    

As for Buzzy’s staying open for the game itself, I’m gonna listen to Dr. Fauci and keep it on the safe side by closing as I usually do on Sundays around 5.  So come down early, but plan on boogalooing out of there to be either home or somewhere else for the kick off.     

As for the halftime show this year some group known as The Weekend will be playing.  For a good recap of previous Super Bowl performers, check out this Sports Illy article (click here.)  

But since I mentioned Tom above, how about I conclude with something from Tom as in Petty?  To see his 2008 halftime show (click here.)  Limited to only 4 songs, Tom and the boys didn’t play this one that may just be my favorite Heartbreaker tune.  Bad ass song with a kick ass video.   P.S.  I’ve been known to sing this to Pam at times, but she tends to ignore me when I do so.  Must have something to do with the way I sing it eh?

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