NAICS – Close But No Country Stores

Most of you have probably never heard of something known as NAICS (pronounced Nakes.)   It is the North American Industry Classification Code System that is used to categorize various types of businesses.  (Here is a good explanation of how it came to be and what it is trying to do (click here.)

My problem with it whenever I am asked to identify the proper NAICS code for Buzzy’s Country Store is that NAICS doesn’t have one for “Country Stores.”    When I enter Country Store in their search block I get all sorts of possible entries ranging from “country” clubs to lingerie “stores.”  If I try to restrict the search to just “Country store” it suggests that I send an inquiry for them to research and get back to me.  

Of the literally hundreds of NAICS choices to select, I’ve narrowed Buzzy’s down to the following possibilities:


Under Other General Merchandise Stores, these categories appear:

And here for no other reason than it was playing in the background as I wrote this, is something from Men at Work.  Note that NAICS has a code for Musical Groups and Artists listed as 711130.  Men at Work gets a NAICS code but Buzzy’s doesn’t?!  That doesn’t seem right does it?

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