Twofer Tuesday – Super Bowl Commercials

Forget the final score of Super Bowl LV, how about the winning commercial(s)?  Each year USA Today uses Ad Meter ratings to rank all of the commercials that appeared during the game.  This year’s rankings  (click here) saw the top two spots won by the  same company Rocket Mortgage.  (Clicking the above link will also let you watch the actual commercials.)  

If you found yourself asking who or what is Rocket Mortgage, I guess that’s why these companies dole out millions of dollars to get their name out there during the most watched show of the year.  (As for the halftime show, I guess we all now know who The Weekend is and aren’t any better having secured that knowledge.  I’m also betting that from now on, Weekend will forever be known as that guy who did the weirdest SB halftime ever.) 

But back to the commercials. My top 2 would be  Will Ferrell’s Norway (ranked #6 on USA’s rankings) and of course the Upstream legless swimmer was well done (#5 on the rankings.)

Buzzy’s Has Souvenirs Too!

Bruce’s “The Middle” commercial had something to say but at 2 minutes it was a little too long and I kept waiting for him to bust out in a song or something.  (To view the complete commercial as well as read a good article on Lebanon, Kentucky, the center of the US (click here.)  That the ad has sparked a bit of political controversy sort of proves its point about how divided we really are doesn’t it?  We’re even divided about being divided and meeting in the middle.  Strange times.

I’ve been trying to figure out what Buzzy’s Country Store is geographically in the middle of.  Best I could come up with is that it is in the middle between Dameron and Point Lookout (5 miles either way.)  I don’t know if Bruce could do much with that as a reason for calling us to be meeting in the middle.

Francis Wood trick question for you – what is the geographic center of the US?  If you said Lebanon as stated above you are correct if talking the contiguous US.  But when Hawaii and Alaska are factored in, the center becomes Belle Fourche, South Dakota (click here if you don’t believe me.) 

Stealers Wheel was started by Gerry Rafferty and Joe Egan but by the time their big hit song   Stuck in the Middle made it on the charts Gerry had left the band.  Thus, in the following video Joe is seen lip synching Gerry’s lead vocals.  Gerry went on to record the great song Baker Street.  And since it’s Twofer Day, I’ve included both tunes here for you.

If you google “song with saxophone” this pops up:

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