Whatever Happened to Saturday Night?

Saturday mornings, as I think my way thru my day ahead, I always hit a wall of melancholy when I get to my Saturday night plans.  That’s because, my plans for Saturday evening are pretty much the same as my Sunday thru Friday night plans:  come home, eat some dinner, watch a little T-V, smoke some pot, and go to bed.  (OK I threw the pot business in there just to make sure you were paying attention, but you get my drift here – my Saturday nights are the same as my other nights.)  

Pre-covid of course at least you could go out to dinner with some friends on a Saturday night.  Now, the only places you go are home and to bed.  Sunday thru Friday I don’t think about any of this at all and hence it is not issue.  However, on Saturday nights, the Ridge boy in me will kick up and say “Hey man, it’s Saturday night, we should be doing something!”   Instead, when sitting around the old home place doing nothing other than waiting for bedtime, it makes me feel very old, very bored and very set in my ways. 

Of course, the life coaches and shrinks all say that your routines, however boring they may be, are actually good for you.  Routines help you to offset and overcome those unexpected curve balls and knock down pitches that life sometimes throws your way.  A friend of mine recently commented about how she missed her routines and I knew exactly what she meant.  It’s sort of like that sign on the Alcan highway advising you to choose your rut carefully because you will  be stuck in it for the next 50 miles.  Overall, routines are not bad things even if they can be a little tedious at times like on a Saturday night when you’re in bed at 9 pm and asking yourself – Whatever happened to Saturday night?!    
Meatloaf appeared in over 50 films and T-V shows but was hard pressed to ever top his spectacular debut as Eddie in the Rocky Horror Show.  Here’s what one of the commentators noted about his appearance in this scene:
It’s actually pretty amazing what is accomplished in this 3 1/2-minute number- Eddie has to: 1) convey his ENTIRE backstory with Columbia & Frank; 2) flirt with every principal actor; 3) play the sax; 4) ride a motorcycle; 5) get a quick hump session in; 6) Die; all while 7) singing a kick-ass 50s style rock song. Kudos to Meat Loaf and the Director for pulling this off.

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