Why Not Midnight Train to Buzzy’s?

Ok, this gets confusing very quickly but stay with me and “if you listen very hard, the tune will dawn on you at last.”  

Farrah wanted to go back to Houston, but a singer with the last name of Houston, who just happened to be Whitney’s mom, wanted to go back to Georgia.  She also noted that “My people are originally from Georgia and they didn’t take planes to Houston or anywhere else. They took trains.”  So she requested that the song writer change the lyric accordingly.  Gladys Knight, also from Georgia, also recorded the revised version and the rest as they say, is musical history.

It was from a Washington Post article about songwriter Jim Weatherly that I picked up this little piece of trivia.  (Just why is it that what other people consider and deem to be trivia is really important info to you?) 

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Jim Weatherly, songwriter behind ‘Midnight Train to Georgia,’ dies at 77 – The Washington Post
So if by now you just got to hear the Gladys’ version (click here.)  But either before or after you do so, be sure to check out this great 30 Rock parody:

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