Kicked Outta Class at St. Mary’s College

Hit the Road J. (Pathway to the Dove at SMC)

Somewhere in my tripping the light fantastic of St. Mary’s College (previous post) I landed on one of the few unpleasant memories I have of my time spent at the College.  It involved my getting bounced from a class that I was trying to add to my course load.  

Back then we were able to drop and/or add courses to our schedules on the first day that classes were held.  At the time, I was working nights on Base and going to St. Mary’s during the day.  I had two 3 credit classes set for Monday, Wednesday and Friday and 1 for Tuesday/Thursday afternoon.  Thus, I was looking for another Tuesday/Thursday morning 3 credit class so I could hit the 12 credit minimum and ensure that my VA tuition checks kept rolling in. 

I found an Art History class that not only worked for my scheduling purposes but also would check the block of an elective that I would eventually need to graduate.  So I made my way into the classroom to try and add this particular class to my schedule.

However, when I got there I found that the class was packed.  The professor began by saying the class was full save for 2 open spots.  He then asked for a show of hands as to who among us was trying to add the class.  Three of us raised our hands.  He asked each of us to state why we needed or wanted to take the class.  The two ladies who spoke before I did, indicated that it was for their Art History major and that they needed the class to graduate.  Not thinking fast enough to lie and say that Art History was my major too, I told the truth that I needed it for scheduling purposes and wanting to take it as an elective.  

After hearing my response, the professor said “Well, this is an easy decision.”  He pointed at me and simply said  “You, out!” and motioned to the door.  As the rest of the class laughed at how the professor had dismissed me, I collected my things and schlepped out the door.  

I remember being very pissed off at not only how the dude had thrown me out with the rest of the folks in the class laughing at me, but also at my now having to find another class to fill that spot.  

The irony is that for the life of me I can not recall just what class it was that I eventually added to fill that spot.  However, I never forgot that dude pointing at and motioning for for me to get the hell out.

Procol Harem modified the lyric “trip the light fantastic” to sing “We skipped the light fandango” which makes about as much sense as the original phrase I guess.  Then again, none of the lyrics in Whiter Shade of Pale make much sense anyway, so who really cares?

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