Twofer Tuesday – Giving Two Shits (And More Stupid Sayings)

A few weeks ago I saw this sports headline discussing the Jets trading their quarterback:

Jets GM: ‘I could give 2 shits about’ looking bad after Darnold trade |

I smile whenever I hear someone in Buzzy’s Country Store say something along these lines such as “I could give two shits about that” or it’s variation “I don’t give two shits about that.”  It always makes me want to follow up and ask the person “Well, does that mean you give one shit about it?”  

Just where and when did giving 2 shits become a thing or a saying?   I started to Google it and “run it to ground” as they say; but to tell you the truth,  i.e. “not to shit you” I really didn’t give even 1 shit about doing so.  

Hence, I’ll leave that up to you to waste your time on “going down that rabbit hole” another crazy saying that seems to get said an awful lot by the cable news bozo’s.   

P.S.  The only reason I gave 1 shit about the Jets’ quarterback situation had to do with former Ravens’ QB Joe Flacco being released by the Jets after he had started several games for them last season.  Good news is that Joe has “landed on his feet” so to speak in that he recently signed with the Eagles.  From a Raven to an Eagle, Joe’s career is certainly “for the birds” isn’t it?

And speaking of birds, the other day at the Orioles’ game in Camden Yards they played the following tune that I’ve included here previously for you but is worth a second spin.  Like Ronnie would say “Turn it up.”  P.S. P.S. Todd was finally voted into the Rock n Roll HoF after several years of being overlooked.  He should have been in there all along if for no other reason than this song!

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